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23rd February 2017
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1st April 2017

On the 1st May 2017 from £215 or £155 if you use a Solicitor.

Probate is the legal process for dealing with the estate of someone who has died

Under the new rules, anyone who inherits an estate worth more than £50,000 will see the fee for probate rise to between £300 and £20,000.

Estates worth between £50,000 and £300,000 will cost £300.  Between £300,001 and £500,000, it will be £1,000, and between £500,001 and £1 million, the bill will hit £4,000. Fees continue to increase to a maximum of £20,000 for estates of more than £2 million.

Probate is free if the estate is worth less than £50,000 (under the current rules, it’s free for those under £5,000).

The change does not affect Scotland or Northern Ireland.

For further information contact a member of our estates department info@cjhh.com / 01639 885261