The head of Matrimonial Department at Cameron Jones Hussell and Howe is Sally Kingsbury who has over 30 years experience in this field. Sally is a member of the Family Law Panel and a Resolution Accredited Specialist. Resolution is an organisation whose members aim to deal with the family breakdown in a sensitive and non-confrontational manner, having particular regard to the effect of separation on children, and the need for parents to work together after the breakdown of their relationship.

W e understand that sometimes it is difficult to avoid dealing with matters other than in the Court arena and to that end we have a team of in-house Solicitor-Advocates able to assist clients if this becomes the case.

Most importantly we aim to provide you with expert advice tailored to your particular needs and help with a variety of matters including as follows:


We can discuss possible entitlement to Legal Aid which will be available for cases of domestic violence, where we give you help when you and your partner are engaged in mediation, or in certain other cases where you have been subjected to domestic abuse or where there are child protection issues.

If you are not entitled to legal aid then we will discuss with you how we may be able to help by providing fixed fee services or simply dealing with aspects of your case, or otherwise giving you a seamless beginning to end service charged at an hourly rate. We will always aim to keep you informed as to costs and work together to deliver our services within your budget.

Domestic Violence

We understand that sometimes domestic abuse can cause serious difficulties within families. It can be an issue that people are sometimes too embarrassed or scared to talk about.

We will listen carefully to any difficulties you may be having with your relationship and advise you on the potential options you have to deal with them, ranging from a referral to Women's Aid, referral to the Police, the writing of a warning letter, the initiation of court proceedings under the Family Law Act 1986 either to obtain a Non-Molestation Order or Occupation Order or both.

Depending on your financial circumstances, Legal Aid may be available despite recent changes to the Legal Aid system. However if Legal Aid is not available to you we will discuss how we can help you in terms of carrying out work in a fixed fee basis.


If you would like to know more about this area of law, please read our brochures below. You may be required to install a PDF viewer, which is available here.

PDF icon  CJHH Solicitors - Divorce Brochure [PDF, 184KB]

PDF icon  CJHH Solicitors - Co-Habitation Breakdown Brochure [PDF, 346KB]

PDF icon  CJHH Solicitors - Pre-Nuptial & Co-Habitation Agreements Brochure [PDF, 100KB]

PDF icon  CJHH Solicitors - Domestic Violence Brochure [PDF, 147KB]

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