Making a Will is a simple and effective way of making sure that your wishes are understood and acted upon should anything happen to you. It is an important step to take to make sure that your affairs are properly in order and to avoid a situation where those close to you are left in a situation of uncertainty and distress. At CJHH, we make writing a will quick, easy and affordable. All it takes is some thought about who should benefit after your death and we will take care of the rest.

W hether you wish to make either a straightforward or specialist will, we will provide you with a tailored service to meet your needs and requirements.

What if I have already made a Will?

We always advise our clients to consider updating their Wills every 5 years, accuse inevitable during such time, either the client's circumstances have changed or there has been a change in the law. Whether is is a simple update or a complete review, we will ensure that your needs and requirement are met.


The death of a loved one will always be a distressing experience. Aside from the emotions, the situation is even more difficult if you have been appointed as an Executor and manage the deceased’s estate. CJHH Solicitors are an established firm of experts in this area of law. We can help you to manage the probate and estate administration, giving you clear guidance to make the process as stress free as possible. We have years of experience dealing with estates or acting as an Executor or Administrator. We always try to obtain Probate for a straight forward estate within three months, or six months where the estate attracts inheritance tax.


During the initial appointment, you will be provided with a costs quotation for the work that is required to be undertaken.


If you would like to know more about this area of law, please read our brochures below. You may be required to install a PDF viewer, which is available here.

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