29th September 2015
broken wedding ring

Unexpected Death Justifies Divorce Settlement Change

One of the things that the family court seeks to do when divorce settlements are being made is to achieve finality. Where a settlement has been […]
9th September 2015

Divorce Settlement Does Not Prevent Later Claim

Claims by dependants who are excluded from estates from which they might reasonably expect to benefit can, in appropriate circumstances, be made under the Inheritance (Provision […]
17th August 2015
DIY divorce

DIY Divorce – is it a case of you only get what you pay for?

Changes to legal funding in 2013 resulted in legal aid for divorcing couples is no longer available except in cases involving domestic violence. The internet is […]
20th July 2015

Fixed Fee Interviews

17th July 2015
broken heart

Divorce Lies May Lead to Perjury Charge

Giving false evidence to any court can have serious consequences, as an errant ex-husband may be about to discover. Ex-spouses are often reluctant to pay their […]