DIY Divorce – is it a case of you only get what you pay for?

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13th August 2015
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Over-Simplistic Approach Produces Challenge
23rd August 2015

Changes to legal funding in 2013 resulted in legal aid for divorcing couples is no longer available except in cases involving domestic violence.

The internet is full of cut price diy divorces and understandably this can be tempting.  Court costs are on the rise and you may be thinking about cutting corners in order to save money.  However, if you go through divorce without taking legal advice from an expert you could find yourself regretting it later on and even incur greater costs by trying to rectify your mistakes.

Consider these points

  • Filling in forms may look easy and straightforward but when it comes to actually understanding the repercussions of not ticking the correct box you need legal advice. Errors in paperwork can lead to lengthy delays, with the courts having to return paperwork. Even worse, you can find yourself in the position of being unable to pursue financial claims against your former spouse if you have remarried.
  • Even when the split is amicable a common problem is finding a fair way to divide pensions and investments so that partners who have given up work to look after children don’t lose out. A legal expert will help you know if the split is fair for both parties.
  • Every divorce is different and for that reason you need legal advice tailored to your needs

If you do decide to opt for a diy divorce problems may arise further into the proceedings such as custody issues or jointly owned property disputes.  This may lead to you feeling out of your depth and this is where a diy divorce can fall short.  Many will say you only get what you pay for.

Why not consider speaking with our divorce team on 01639 8852691 to see whether you can access legal aid and, to consider booking a fixed fee appointment to get some advice.


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