Encrypted Files

How to Download a File Sent with the ShareFile Outlook Plugin

The Firm now has in place Citrix secure email system which enables the sending of either secure or encrypted emails incompliance with GDPR it is the Firm’s policy that all emails sent to any client or third party must be encrypted.


Files sent with the ShareFile Outlook Plugin can be downloaded using a secure link included in the ShareFile banner. As a reminder, emails sent with the plugin should be treated like any other email you receive with an attachment.

Download the File

To download the file, please scroll down towards the bottom and click the secure link button as shown below.
Depending on the sender's settings, you may be required to provide your email address and name before accessing the file, or log in to your ShareFile account, as shown below:
Once you have submitted the necessary info (or if the sender did not require any from you) you may view or download your file. If you are unable to view you may need to contact your I.T. provider to adjust your firewall settings.