New Law Requires Family Courts to Presume that Each Parent Will Play a Role in the Life of Their Child

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29th October 2014

The parental involvement provision contained in Section 11 of the Children and Family’s Act 2014 has come into force on the 22nd of October and will apply to cases started on or after that date. It will not apply to cases already going through the courts prior to the 22nd of October.

It provides that family courts will presume that each parent will play a role in the life of their child. This is not about giving new rights or suggesting that there should be a 50 /50 division of children’s time between parents but is intended to encourage both parents to focus on the child’s needs following separation and to consider the role that each play in the child’s life. The new law requires Family Courts to presume that each parents involvement in the child’s life will further their welfare so long as this is safe. The welfare of the child remains paramount as far as the court are concerned.