Right-to-buy housing scheme faces abolition in Wales

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21st January 2015
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27th January 2015

Social housing tenants in Wales could lose the right to buy their homes if Labour wins the 2016 assembly election. Minsters seeking to abolish the Right to Buy scheme across Wales.

Assembly Ministers have immediately suspended tenants’ right to buy in Carmarthenshire, as they seek to end the scheme altogether across Wales.

The suspension has come at the request of Carmarthenshire council, due to a shortage of social housing within the county.maggie

 Although one of Margaret Thatcher’s more popular policies, right-to-buy was criticised for reducing social housing available across the country; since its introduction in 1980, more than 130,000 Welsh social houses have been bought by council tenants and housing associations.

However, the abolition of the scheme will only be introduced if Labour remains in power in the Welsh government after the 2016 assembly election. Meanwhile, plans are being made to cut the maximum discount for social housing tenants who want to buy their home from £16,000 to £8,000.